Volvo for Life

Volvo for Life

We have been using Volvo cars for over two decades. It started with a Volvo 740 provided for my husband, who was working for a Swedish-affiliated packaging company Swedish Match, later to become Akerlund & Rausing (A&R). As he rose up the ladder to become company president, Volvo became his car of choice.

Our confidence in the marque was reinforced when we survived a serious accident during a family trip to Hua Hin in Petchburi Province. Our Volvo plowed onto the side of a 10-wheel truck, which had abruptly turned from our vehicle’s left side to cut in front of us to make a U-turn. It was drizzling and the highway was slippery. Our car was pinned under the truck with the front hood nearly gone. Eyewitnesses thought no one would survive such a terrible accident.  They were wrong! Our seatbelts and the tough Volvo box-like casing clearly saved us. Apart from a slipped disc that kept me bedridden for a month, my husband and my two children were unscathed. This incident served to strengthen our confidence in the Volvo.

During the past 20 years, we have been using a Volvo 740 and a Volvo 760 GLE. My husband currently drives a Volvo S80 while I myself use a Volvo V70 station wagon. My father also bought a Volvo two-door C70 coupe in Bangkok.

Now, my daughter May is interested in driving a Volvo SUV, especially the XC40.

“Volvo For Life” is a motto we take seriously.

Cora Sukhanya
Former editor and co-founder of Clutter Sale Charity Project

"Volvo for life" was the former global tagline which Volvo adopted in 1999 and still rings a bell to many Volvo lovers. Meaning “Roll your life” in Latin, this slogan incorporated both the theme of respect for life as well as the zest for life, and verifying that safety is the main concern of Volvo Cars.

Volvo Family: Daughter Melanie, Mom Cora and Dad Rumpai